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My name is Justin Moses and I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  I am originally from Philadelphia, but my love and passion for the outdoors brought me to Colorado.  I practice dentistry in Vail, CO and my gorgeous wife, Maddy, is my soulmate and business partner.  I take care of the teeth, while she takes care of the business.  

Since we value the community which we live in, we try our best to provide help and support in any way possible.  Maddy founded the Holy Cross Oral Health Fund, which is a charitable fund dedicated to providing aid for those who need extensive dental care, but do not have the means to pay for it.  There have been funds for years in our area that provide help with medical treatment, but this is the first fund devoted specifically to dental treatment for adults.

The purpose of this site is to help support the Holy Cross Oral Health Fund and show off some of my photos.  I like to think of myself as a half-decent photographer, but with all the amazing photographers out there, I am definitely on the amateur level.  The photos I have on this site are here for you to enjoy and share..  If you'd like a full size image to print, just send me an email and I will send you the file.  All I ask is for you to make a donation that will help support our fund for the community.



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